Improving Contractor Safety Performance, Part 1

Episode 5 April 15, 2024 00:27:37
Improving Contractor Safety Performance, Part 1
The Safety Experts
Improving Contractor Safety Performance, Part 1

Apr 15 2024 | 00:27:37


Show Notes

Preventable incidents happen across industries every day. Managing employees effectively and taking action to reduce risk and injury increases profits by managing costs, but most importantly, protects and saves lives.


In the first part of this episode of The Safety Experts podcast, Jerome Spear, Jeremy Lancaster, and Dave Griffith sit down to discuss how to improve contractor safety performance. Jerome and Jeremy speak with Dave about the minimum criteria for pre-qualification and selection, as well as EHS contract requirements.


Join us as we discuss why contractor safety oversight is important and learn how to achieve better performance. In the second part of this episode on contractor safety, be sure to join us as we discuss owner and general contractor perspectives as well as performance evaluation and feedback.


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